Generator Solutions

Remote Series

The Generator Solutions’ remote series model has been designed to work in the harshest environmental conditions, particularly in heat with high dust levels that can penetrate the tightest of areas. In addition, the remote series are enclosed in a custom design canopy ensuring sound requirements are met for working close to residential areas on some models. The units deliver Prime power via the highest quality OEM engines to deliver the best fuel efficiencies and reliability.

Model Standby (kva) Engine type & Model Alternator Model Phase    
YKBT-310-S 21.1 KUBOTA V1505-E2BG SLG164C1 IP22 Download Contact
YKBT-15-32 14 KUBOTA V1505-E2BG SLG164C1 IP22 Download Contact
YKBT-316-S 19.8 KUBOTA V2203-E2BG SLG184E1 IP22 Download Contact
YKBT-322-S21 23.1 KUBOTA V2203-E2BG SLG184H1 IP22 Download Contact
YKBT-322-S25 25 KUBOTA V2003T-E2BG SLG184H1 IP22 Download Contact
YKBT-332-S 38.5 KUBOTA V3300T-E2BG SLG184H1 IP22 Download Contact
D48-S 66 DEUTZ BF4M2012 SLG224E1 single bearing Download Contact
D58-S 80 DEUTZ BF4M2012C SLG224F1 single bearing Download Contact
D80-S 110 DEUTZ BF4M1013EC SLG274C1 IP22 Download Contact
D100-S 138 DEUTZ BF4M1013FC SLG274E1 IP22 Download Contact
V120-S 165 VOLVO TAD731GE SLG274F1 Download Contact
D128-S 176 DEUTZ BF6M1013EC SLG274F1 IP22 Download Contact
D160-S 220 DEUTZ BF6M1015C-LAG1A SLG274K1 IP22 Download Contact
D200-S 275 DEUTZ BF6M1015C-LAG1A SLG274K1 IP22 Download Contact
D250S 350 DEUTZ BF6M1015C-LAG3A SLG314E1 IP22 Download Contact
D400-S 550 DEUTZ BF8M1015CP-LAG2 SLG54D1 IP22 Download Contact
DCA-600SPK 605 KOMATSU SA6D170A IP22 Download Contact
D460-S 632.5 DEUTZ BF8M1015CP-LAG5 SLG354E1 Download Contact
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