Generator Solutions

Solar Energy Storage

Lithium batteries create the perfect energy solution. Utilising the latest in battery technology, these generators are renowned for being lighter, having a longer battery life and are more efficient than traditional batteries. They also produce minimal noise pollution and no emissions into the environment. The technology extends the lifespan of the generator resulting in a unit that requires very little maintenance to operate optimally.

Generators Solutions’, working with our manufacturing partners, has a selection of battery storage solutions for any sized project. The perfect solution for off-grid renewable energy systems, these powerful industrial batteries can provide power to solar systems at night or wind systems during periods of calm weather.

Model Output    
PS12030B 12kw Download Contact
Mobile1-6k 1.6 -5kVA Download Contact
Mobile5k 5kVA Download Contact
KR11T 6 - 10kVA Download Contact
PS10B 1500Wh @ 12/110/220v Download Contact
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